Trakya Döküm announces certification to Ford Q1 Quality System

Trakya Döküm Casting Company, one of the SOYAK Group of companies, is pleased to announce it has been successful in achieving Ford's famous Q1 quality award. Ford has conferred this award due to the high standard of Trakya Döküm's business processes and applications.

SOYAK, Group are delighted with the announcement  and  thanks to this certificate, Trakya Döküm is now considered by Ford to be of a standard able to supply all Ford's factories. This is a worldwide recognition and enables Trakya Döküm to supply any Ford factory and all vehicles within the Ford brands.

Trakya Döküm supplies differential parts to Ford-Türkiye's truck plant in İnönü-Eskişehir and from May 2009 will begin to supply Flywheels to Ford-Türkiye's light commercial vehicle plant in Gölcük-Eskişehir. Following on in the near future 'steering knuckles'- a "safety critical" part, will also be supplied to Ford - Türkiye.

Only Ford's 1st tier suppliers has the right to be certified for Q1 and the candidates must reach very high levels on key performance criteria including production system capability, ongoing performance, layout, action plans, customer feedback and continuous improvement.

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